Director of Elise Esthetics Institute | Featured in Orange Appeal “Women to Watch”

In this feature of "Women to Watch" by Orange Appeal Magazine, we dive into the inspiring journey of Tessa Boyd, the dynamic director of Elise Esthetics Institute. Tessa's story is one of resilience, innovation, and unwavering determination to turn dreams into reality.

From Corporate to Cosmetology

Tessa Boyd’s professional path took a dramatic turn from her initial career in marketing and management after graduating from the University of Cincinnati. The corporate world didn’t align with her passion, leading her to become a licensed esthetician. Relocating to Orlando in 2006 marked the beginning of her transformative journey in the beauty industry. Tessa’s dedication and love for educating others pushed her to strive for more than just a typical job.

The Birth of Elise Esthetics Institute

After various roles in the industry, including teaching, Tessa Boyd recognized a significant gap in skincare education. Driven by her purpose and vision, she founded Elise Esthetics Institute, the first online hybrid skincare program in Florida. Her innovative approach aimed to accommodate everyone’s schedules and provide high-quality education beyond traditional classroom settings.

Overcoming Challenges

Establishing the institute was no easy feat. Tessa faced numerous hurdles, from licensing challenges to initial low enrollment. Yet, her perseverance paid off as she welcomed more students and continually expanded her programs. Today, Tessa is in the process of acquiring her own building to further enhance her offerings and support her growing number of students.

A Vision for the Future

Tessa Boyd’s success is not just measured by the growth of her institute but also by her commitment to making her students job-ready and successful in the beauty industry. Her dedication is supported by her husband, and she continues to inspire with her story of embracing challenges and turning them into opportunities.

Excerpts from “The Classy Hustle”

In her book, “The Classy Hustle,” Tessa shares invaluable insights into maintaining integrity, embracing individuality, and finding self-worth. Her anecdotes and lessons reflect her journey and the wisdom she has gained along the way.

Tessa Boyd’s story is a testament to the power of resilience and the impact of following one’s passion. With Elise Esthetics Institute, she not only achieved her dreams but also paved the way for countless others to pursue their own in the beauty industry.

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