About Elise


Welcome to Elise. Where lerning is fun!

At Elise Esthetics Institute, we make learning an enjoyable and exciting journey every step of the way! We designed our school to encourage a personalized educational approach. Small class sizes, hybrid learning, and expert instruction come together to foster an environment where real individuals just like you can thrive.


We give ourselves grace

“Giving yourself grace means making the choice to interact with the world – and yourself – with goodwill and kindness.”

At Elise Esthetics Institute, our mission is to lead with compassion and kindness, embodying the principle of giving ourselves grace. We celebrate the progress we’ve made, the direction we’re heading, and the obstacles we’ve overcome. By acknowledging our achievements and understanding that perfection isn’t necessary for success, we create a nurturing environment where growth and learning flourish. This philosophy allows us to take confident steps forward, knowing that each stride brings us closer to our goals while fostering a community built on support, understanding, and continuous improvement.


Why choose us?

EEI was founded by a licensed skincare professional, Tessa Boyd,  passionate about the beauty industry, creating Florida’s first online/hybrid skincare school to help students balance work and education. Our comprehensive curriculum exceeds state requirements and includes hands-on and enrichment final exams. We teach basic and advanced techniques, retailing, professionalism, interviewing, and resume writing. Using professional products, our advanced program allows students to start their careers in as little as four months, making our graduates highly sought after by employers.

meet the team

Powered by our people

Tessa Boyd
Founder and Director
Amy Tyson
Student Services & Admissions / Financial Aid Enrollment
Tameika Rahming
Skincare Instructor
Sadie Osborne
Skincare Instructor
Nikaya Solomon
Nail Instructor
Cierra Celerin
Student Spa Coordinator & Office Assistant

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